Carp Fishing

Subscriptions and packages for a week or weekend permit fishing with 4 rods only. The holder of the pass can be accompanied by a full partner. It is possible to hire boats , tents and blankets. Call for availability.

Boat rentals – 3 euro per 24 hours
Tent rental – 20 euro per 24 hours
Rental bed – 3 euro per 24 hours

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1. Fishing for carp runs Catch & Release system. You can fish both day and night. At the end of the game, fishing booth must be released until 12.00.
2. Each angler can use a maximum of four rods on the stand. Exceptions are only marked and Nadir rods, which can be used simultaneously with fishing rods.
3. As the main line, can only use monofilament least 0,35mm. Not allowed 0,35mm thinner monofilament. Fishing with textile yarn or ancestor as the main line.
4. fishing is allowed using boats or navomodelelor planted. You can use electric motors. Not allowed to use heat engines.
5. Fishing is permitted only with hair frames with a single hook. All mounts used must be able to release the lead if the main line break.
6. It is allowed to use leadcore’s, tube ancestors antitangle or lead above special plastic. Maximum length for any of these segments is 2m.
5. As forfac material are allowed only specialized materials with minimal resistance 20lb. Not allowed thin yarn, abrasives, which can cut mouth of the fish.
6. Nadeau permits are cooked and soluble boilies, pellets, pasture and seeds prepared. Not allowed to use dry seeds. Live baits are not allowed.
7. Keeping carp bag can be made only in exceptional circumstances and with the agreement of the administration. All catches will be released in the shortest time, both day and night. Keeping a bag over without the knowledge or consent of the administration is considered attempted theft and draws suspension of the right to fish in Sarulesti.
8. type must use bath mats. Pisces will be shooting above the mattress reception and closer to it. Meetings shooting of a catch must be conducted in a short time, especially in summer.
9. Fishermen must notify the administration if any catches 15kg or more. Administration may photograph any catch and can use photos for advertising purposes.
10. It is allowed by car to the fishing site to download the necessary equipment. During the fishing trip, all cars will be permanently kept in the parking lot. At the end of the game, the cars may be brought for loading baggage fishing booth, but only after notification manager.
11. Administrators have the right to control lake fishermen luggage in the game any time, if necessary. Refusing to allow control of the car and luggage are considered attempted theft and draws suspension of the right to fish in Sarulesti.
12. Visitors are allowed during the day and with the obligation to leave the car parking. Fishermen assumes full responsibility for their visitors. Visitors can not stay on the lake at night.
13. Entry and exit on the lake (with or without car) at night without the administration is considered attempted theft and draws suspension of the right to fish in Sarulesti.
14. The stands must be kept clean throughout the game and should remain clean at the end. It is strictly forbidden to throw any kind of garbage in the lake or on the banks.

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