Sturgeon fishing

Fishing package – please contact us for price

Fishing Package includes the following facilities:

* Transfer from the airport (if necessary);

* Accommodation, three meals daily, soft drinks;

* Bait and fishing guide;

* Fishing equipment;

* Limited at  3 fish / day per angler.

Pescuit la sturioni

1. Sturgeon fishing season begins on 1 April and closes in late November, depending on weather conditions.

2. Fishing for sturgeon is allowed only in the presence of the guide provided by the administration.

3. Fishing is permitted only with special equipment provided by the staff of the lake.

4. Photo sessions should be brief and can only be made with the fisherman in the water.

5. During the shoot (photo or movie), the fish will be kept permanently in water.

6. Administration may photograph any catch (trophy) and can use photos for advertising purposes.

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