Carp fishing

It can fish both day and night. Carp fishing is conducted in Catch & Release System, being allowed to use a maximum of four rods on the stand.

Predator fishing

Catch and release system, fishing perch, pike and other predatory fish can be practice only by boat fishing and only artificial baits are allowed.

Beluga fishing

Starting on 1 April and closing in late November, sturgeon fishing is allowed only with specialized equipment with the presence of lake staff.

Coarse fishing

Addressing especially in peaceful fish capture, fish can be divided into match, feeder and sheffield fishing.

With an area of 450 hectares, with impressive openings and depths exceeding 10m ins ome areas, Raduta Lake – Sarulesti is one of the most welcoming and abundant lakes in terms of fisheries, housing notable sizes of fish species, such as carp, zander, catfish or perch.

Became known since the 90’s for world records carp, it continues to provide trophies which exceed 25 kg.